Salento for families

We can find you accommodation, or check that the accommodation you have found is suitable, give advice on places to visit and things to do (set up transport if you haven’t rented a car) and basically do what any friends in the area would do for you. You can contact us for a free consultation and if you like the idea then we can help you organise the holiday you need. With seven children between us, of all different ages, we have a handle on what children might enjoy in the area (and are confident we can give the adults a good time as well!).

For example, we can tell you where the best beaches are and if there is somewhere you can get food nearby or if it is best to take a picnic. We can give you advice on what will be open out of season and how to make the most of your time. If you are interested in wine then how about a trip to a vineyard (or a tour of vineyards) maybe with lunch nearby or at the vineyard itself. We can help you find accommodation of the type and in the area you want and check it out before you arrive leaving a welcome basket with fresh local produce for when you arrive. We have an archaeologist on our team and we can set up personalised tours (including stuff for kids) of any of the many archaeological areas in Salento. We also know of lots of great places to eat and can help you avoid tourist traps, or if you want to self-cater we can give you some tips on cooking local cuisine.

Here is a further list of our services:

  • Liaising with local businesses and associations to set up and co-ordinate activities for tourists
  • Activities for children
  • Child-led suggestions and family blog on the area for example working farms, museums, theme parks, stables and guided tours that suit the whole family.
  • Child-friendly accommodation – we will check b&b’s, villas, apartments and agritourisms so you know you have booked the right place to relax;
  • Pre-arrival shopping done for you if you arrive late in the evening (or early in the morning) coffee, milk, wine etc.
  • Linguistic support and advice in case of need for dentist, doctor etc.;
  • Twinning with local families;
  • Accommodation check to ensure that it is what it is advertised as (for example if they say wi-fi is available we will check it is!);
  • Welcome baskets with local produce (wine and oil for b&b and holiday homes);
  • Opportunities to meet the locals and speak Italian (see language café)
  • Creation of a “kitemark” for quality for accommodation, restaurants, cafés etc. ( – Approved).