About us

Our association was founded by three families, two Italian families one Anglo-Italian family, who live and work in the area. Our aim is to share our knowledge and knowhow of the area to help families who come here to get the most out of their holiday and to work together with other associations in the area to provide a family-friendly, inclusive sustainable model of tourism.

Salento for Families

We love the Salento area where we live – but not in August when it becomes overpriced, overcrowded quite apart from being swelteringly hot! However, during the rest of the year, particularly in April, May and June, September and October, it is a truly magical place to be. Warm enough to swim, but also with lots to discover, quite apart from the amazing beaches. Archaeological sites, beautiful towns, trekking along a stunning coastline, all kinds of sporting activities, plus food and wine galore.

As a family we want to show families how to get the best out of the area. We work as a kind of tour manager but in a very informal way, having a chat about the kind of things you might like to do and helping you set it up. Whatever it is you need help with – a place to stay; a good place for a day trip; information on local events and of course which beach is best (this actually depends on which way the wind is blowing down here!) – then we feel it would be worth contacting us for our insight into the area, practical advice and, when needed, linguistic assistance.

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Salento for All

And we’re not just for families (with children!). We are here to help and have experience of organising for all ages and tastes, large groups, couples and individuals out to explore and make friends while they are here:

  • Checks on potential accommodation – accessibility for less mobile, safety for children (balconies, steps etc.), check it is a genuine house for rent
  • Organising activities in English through local agencies and organisations
  • Customized tours of museum and activities in museums
  • Suggested itineraries in line with interests and size/type of group (family, couple, elderly)
  • Problem solving (doctors, dentists etc.)
  • Negotiating with property owners for extra facilities/alternative arrangements (e.g. extra beds in one room, travel cots, high chairs etc).
  • Providing food, drink etc for those arriving at inconvenient times.
  • Twinning opportunities for all ages
  • Intermediary assistance in case of language obstacles
  • Event organizer

Language Café

We also organise a language café (once or twice a month) where you can meet locals keen to speak English, happy to tell you about their area, or a group for those of you who would like to try your hand at speaking Italian, French or Spanish, whatever level you are.

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Events and catering

If you wish to organise an event such as a family reunion or a large meal in a precise location we can help you choose locations and catering companies, or a restaurant or agriturism where it can take place.

Get in Touch

We would prefer to speak to you in person. We can set up an appointment via skype or Facetime or we can phone on a landline (in Italy to mobiles to). Alternatively we can communicate via email or whatsapp.


Address Via Michele Viterbo 7 – Lecce (Italy)

Email info@salentoforyou.com